Manual and Semi-automatic Analysers Lubricating

Dropping Point Ubbelhode

DIN 51801-2
IP 31 (obs.) - IP 371

DIN 51801-2 – Determination of Dropping Point Ubbelhode Method
for Bituminous Binders.

Determines the temperature at which grease passes from a semisolid
to a liquid state.

IP 31 (obs.) - IP 371 - Drop Point of Petroleum

Art. LT/DP-212000/M

Drop Point of Grease Apparatus - IP 31 - IP 371

Art. LT/DP-213000/M

Drop Point Ubbelohde - DIN 51801-2

Accessories for Art. LT/DP-212000/M

Spare Parts for Art. LT/DP-212000/M

Accessories for Art. LT/DP-213000/M

Spare Parts for Art. LT/DP-213000/M

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