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Torque of Greases

ASTM D1478 - ASTM D4693 - ASTM D4950

ASTM D1478 - Low-temperature Torque of Ball Bearing Grease.

This test method covers the determination of the extent to which a grease retards the rotation of a slow-speed ball bearing by measuring starting and running torques at low temperatures, below -20°C (0°F).

ASTM D4693 - Low-temperature Torque of Grease Lubricated Wheel Bearings.

This test method determines the extent to which a test grease retards the rotation of a specially-manufactured, spring-loaded, automotive-type wheel bearing assembly when subjected to low temperatures. Torque values, calculated from restraining-force determinations, are a measure of the viscous resistance of the grease. This test method was developed with greases giving torques of less than 35 N·m at 40°C.

ASTM D4950 - Classification and Specification of Automotive Service Greases.

This specification covers lubricating greases suitable for the periodic relubrication of chassis systems and wheel bearings of passenger cars, trucks, and other vehicles.

Art. LT/GR-214500/M

Grease Resistance to Low Speed Rotation - ASTM D1478 - D4693 - D4950

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