Manual and Semi-automatic Analysers Sulfur

Sulfur and Chlorine
in Petroleum Products

ASTM D129 - ASTM D808
IP 61
DIN 51577

ASTM D129 - IP 61 - DIN 51577 - Sulfur in Petroleum Products
(General Bomb Method).

This test method covers the determination of sulfur in petroleum products, including lubricating oils containing additives, additive concentrates, and lubricating greases that cannot be burned completely in a wick lamp. The test method is applicable to any petroleum product sufficiently low in volatility that it can be weighed accurately in an open sample boat and containing at least 0.1% sulfur.

ASTM D808 - Chlorine in New and Used Petroleum Products (Bomb Method).

This test method covers the determination of chlorine in lubricating oils and greases, including new and used lubricating oils and greases containing additives, and in additive concentrates. Its range of applicability is 0.1 to 50% chlorine.
The procedure assumes that compounds containing halogens other than chlorine will not be present.

Art. LT/HC-207500/M

Sulfur in Petroleum Products Apparatus - ASTM D129 - D808


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