Manual and Semi-automatic Analysers Calorimetry

Heat of Combustion

MB-206000/M: Heat of Combustion


ASTM D240 - ASTM D2382 (obs.) - ASTM D3286 (obs.) -
ASTM D4809 - ASTM D5865
IP 12
ISO 1716

ASTM D240 - IP 12 - Heat of Combustion of Liquid Hydro-carbon Fuels by Bomb Calorimeter.

This test method covers the determination of the heat of combustion of liquid hydrocarbon fuels ranging in volatility from that of light distillates to that of residual fuels.

ASTM D4809 - ASTM D2382 (obs.) - Heat of Combustion of Liquid Hydrocarbon Fuels by Bomb Calorimeter (Precision Method).

This test method covers the determination of the heat of combustion of hydrocarbon fuels. It is designed specifically for use with aviation turbine fuels when the permissible difference between duplicate determinations is of the order of 0.2 %. It can be used for a wide range of volatile and nonvolatile materials where slightly greater differences in precision can be tolerated.

ASTM D5865 - ASTM D3286 (obs.) - Standard Test Method for Gross Calorific Value of Coal and Coke.

This test method pertains to the determination of the gross calorific value of coal and coke by either an adiabatic bomb calorimeter

ISO 1716 - Reaction to Fire Test for Building Products.

This method covers the determination of the heat of combustion at constant volume in a bomb calorimeter.


Mahler Bomb (Oxygen Bomb), manual instrument composed by:

CV-207000/M: Calorimeter Vessel



Calorimeter Vessel, manual instrument composed by:

Power supply

CV-207000-S/M: Calorimeter Vessel, without Ignition Device



Calorimeter Vessel, without ignition device:

Power supply

LAB-102-063: reducer gear for O2 with pressure gauge, safety valve


LAB-102-065: press for tablets



LT/MB-206000/M: calorimeter Vessel + accessoires

LT/MB-206000/M + accessoires

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Optional Accessories

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