Automatic Analysers NewLab Range Plugging - filterability

NewLab 225
Filter Plugging Tendency

Newlab 225: Filter Plugging Tendency

ASTM D 2068
IP 387

CE marked


Determination of the filter plugging tendency (FPT) of distillate fuel oils where the end use demands an exceptional degree of cleanliness. This test method is applicable to fuels within the viscosity range of 1.50 to 6.00 mm2/s (cSt) at 40°C.

Main Features

Measuring Principle

A sample of the fuel to be tested is passed at a constant rate of flow (20 mL/min) through a glass fiber filter medium.
The pressure drop across the filter is monitored during the passage of a fixed volume of test fuel.
If a prescribed maximum pressure drop is reached before the total volume of fuel is filtered, the actual volume of fuel filtered at the time of maximum pressure drop is recorded and used to obtain the automatic calculation result.
Otherwise if the prescribe volume is filtered without reach the 105kPa pressure, the maximal pressure during the test is recorded and used to obtain the result.

Measuring Devices

Technical Features

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