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Sulfonation Number

DB-428005/M - shaking machine


ASTM D1019 (obs.)
IP 145 (obs.)
ISO 3840

Olefinic Plus Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Petroleum Distillates

This method covers the determination of olefinic plus aromatic hydrocarbons in gasolines, naphtas, kerosenes and other petroleum distillates that are substantially free from butanes and that have a 90% not over 600 F.

DB-428005/M - shaking machine

Art. LT/SA-120000/M

Sulfonation Number Apparatus - ASTM D1019, composed by:

LAB-101-228 -230 -231 - precision sulfonation flasks

LAB-101-228 -230 -231

LAB-101-201 - ice water jar



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