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Scott Cylinder

ASTM D454 - ASTM D572

ASTM D454 - Rubber Deterioration by Heat and Air Pressure

This test method describes a procedure to determine the influence of elevated temperature and air pressure on the physical properties of vulcanized rubber. The results of this test may not give an exact correlation with service performance since performance conditions vary widely. The test may, however, be used to evaluate rubber compounds on a laboratory comparison basis.

ASTM D572 - Rubber-deterioration by Heat and Oxygen

This test method describes a procedure to determine the relative deterioration resistance of vulcanized rubber in a high temperature and high pressure oxygen environment. There may be no exact correlation between this accelerated test and natural aging of rubber because of the varied conditions of natural aging. This accelerated test is suitable for laboratory compound or product comparisons.

Art. LT/SC-239000/M

Scott Cylinder ASTM D454 - D572


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