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ASTM D1310 - ASTM D3143

ASTM D1310 - Flash Point and Fire Point of Liquids by Tag Open Cup Apparatus
This test method covers the determination of the flash point and fire point of liquids having flash points between -18 and 165°C (0 and 325°F) and fire points up to 165°C.

ASTM D3143 - Flash Point of Cutback Asphalt
This test method covers the determination of flash points of cutback asphalts having flash points of less than 93°C (200°F).

TO-95000/M: Electric Tag Open

Electric Tag Open - ASTM D1310 D3143

TO-95000/M: test cup

Test cup
Outside diameter: 63.5 mm
Inside diameter: 50.8 mm
Internal height: 47.6 mm
Total height: 51.6 mm

TO-95000/M: levelling device

Levelling device

TO-95000/M: gas ignition device

Gas ignition device

Power Supply

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