Manual and Semi-automatic Analysers Sediments

Total Sediment Tester

TST-115200/M: Total Sediment Tester


ASTM D4870
IP 375 - IP 390 (proc.A)
ISO 10307

Determination of Total Sediment in Residual Fuels

This test method covers the determination of total sediment up to 0.40 % m/m for distillate fuel oils containing residual components and to 0.50 % m/m in residual fuel oils having a maximum viscosity of 55 cSt (mm2/s) at 100°C.

Art. LT/TST-115200/M

Total Sediment Tester - ASTM D4870


Accessories only for IP 390 - ISO 10307

LAB-101-152/BIS: ageing bath


Spare Parts

Spare Parts only for IP 390 - ISO 10307

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