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Cloud Point

ASTM D2500 - ASTM D5771 - ASTM D5772 - ASTM D5773
DIN 51597
IP 219 - IP 444 - IP 445 - IP 446
ISO 3015
CE marked

Determination of Cloud Point of hydrocarbon products, diesel, gasoil, completely on line, full automatically, extremely accurately and fast with the New-on-line 100.

The New-on-line 100, making part of the new generation of on-line process analysers, determines Cloud Point on hydrocarbon products, diesel, gasoil, in correlation to the norms, while guaranteeing:

This design brings a maintainability never reached on these analysers and in particular on the Cloud Point Analysers which don’t require a particular maintenance. New-on-line 100 determines the Cloud Point in correlation to the ASTM, IP, ISO, DIN standards by using technologies of on-line processes. With a reduced time of analysis (lower than 10 minutes) it allows a constant control in real time of the lines of production. The management of the analyser is completely automatic thanks to the dedicated software which allows the user to supervise and visualize all the parameters referred to the analysis in progress.

Determination of cloud point is made by detection of light pulsed emission, on I.R. spectrum through a coaxial fibber optic. The dispersion of the light is caused by the crystallization of paraffins. These last, in phase of cooling of the sample, disperse and absorb the light. The analyser, by means of the Lin-Tech software, observes and manages the phenomenon. As soon as the result is obtained, the cell is emptied automatically and a new cycle of analysis starts.

Principle of Detection
Procedure of Analysis
Measuring Parameter
Sample Characteristic
Input analyser
Sampling conditioning items
Output analyser
Specification ‘s purge collector
The purge collector has to be always below the level of the output of the analyser (gravity flow)

Options: sampling conditioning system

Details and dimensions
Circuit diagram
Air supply (shut-off valve supply by the user):
Water (shut-off valve supply by the user):
Power supply
Control Unit

The control unit assembly is mounted internally into the pressurised enclosure. This assembly include:


Input/output modules, with galvanic separation

Local Display

Flat screen (15’/17’) touch screen and/or 4 buttons for control functions connected by the panel PC.

Informations Displayed

Record of all the critical parameter‘s display of the last 30 results from the application software

Analytical Cell
Internal Security
Alarm Output
Input Signal
Output Signal
Cooling Devices
Ambient Conditions
Radio Electric Perturbation

For all the standard frequencies don’t use radio at less than one meter ot the analyser

Special Options
Procedure of Control Before Dispatch

The instrument is equipped with Peltier elements. Cooling water can be supplied by an already existing water line or by external chillers, option available upon request.

Characteristics of the Sample

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