Manual and Semi-automatic Analysers Aniline

Aniline Point

AP-215000-A/M: Aniline Point


IP 2-A-B-C-D

ASTM D611-A, IP 2-A - Aniline Point and Mixed Aniline Point of Petroleum Products and Hydrocarbon Solvents

Method A is suitable for transparent samples with an initial boiling point above room temperature and where the aniline point is below the bubble point and above the solidification point of the aniline-sample mixture.
Method B, a thin-film method, is suitable for samples too dark for testing by Method A.
Methods C is for samples that may vaporize appreciably at the aniline point.
Method D is for samples that may vaporize appreciably at the aniline point, particularly suitable where only small quantities of sample are available.

Art. LT/AP-215000-A/M

Aniline Point ASTM D611-A

AP-215000-B/M: Aniline Point Thin-film


Art. LT/AP-215000-B/M

Aniline Point “Thin-film” ASTM D611-B

Art. LT/AP-215000-C/M

Aniline Point “Tube” ASTM D611-C

Art. LT/AP-215000-D/M

Aniline Point ASTM D611-D

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