Manual and Semi-automatic Analysers

Manual and Semi-automatic Analysers



Brookfield© Original Viscometer


Calibrated Glass Capillary Kinematic Viscometers

LT/BV-14000-2/M: B.R.T.A. Viscometer

B.R.T.A. Viscometer

LT/EV-26000/M: Digital Engler Viscometer

Engler Viscometer

LT/FV-20000-2/M: Ford Viscometer

Ford Viscometer

LT/VB-47000/M: Digital viscometer bath for low temperatures

Low Temperatures Viscometer Bath

LT/RV-12000/M: Redwood Viscometer

Redwood Viscometer

LT/SV-18000-3/M: Saybolt Viscometer

Saybolt Viscometer

LT/VB-39000/M: 5 Places Digital Viscometer Bath

Viscometer Bath

LT/VC-48100/M - Viscometer Tube Cleaner and Dryer

Viscometer Tube Cleaner and Dryer