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Saybolt Chromometer

LT/SC-208000/M + LAB-102-080: Saybolt Chromometer + Daylight Lamp

LAB-102-080 + LT/SC-208000/M

DIN 51411

Saybolt Colour of Petroleum Products (Saybolt Chromometer Method)

This test method covers the determination of the colour of refined oils such as undyed motor and aviation gasoline, jet propulsion fuels, naphthas and kerosine, and, in addition, petroleum waxes and pharmaceutical white oils.

Art. LT/SC-208000/M

Saybolt Chromometer ASTM D156

Art. LT/SC-208000/PAR/M

Saybolt Heated Chromometer ASTM D156

LAB-101-088, LAB-101-089

LAB-101-088, LAB-101-089


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