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Corrosion Preventive Properties of Lubricating Greases

CE marked
ASTM D1743 - ASTM D4950

ASTM D1743 - Corrosion Preventive Properties of Lubricating Greases.
This test method covers the determination of the corrosion preventive properties of greases using grease-lubricated tapered roller bearings stored under wet conditions. This test method is based on CRC Technique L 41 that shows correlations between laboratory results and service for grease lubricated aircraft wheel bearings.

ASTM D4950 - Classification and Specification of Automotive Service Greases.
This specification covers lubricating greases suitable for the periodic relubrication of chassis systems and wheel bearings of passenger cars, trucks, and other vehicles.

CG-205800/M: Corrosion Preventive Properties of Lubricating Greases

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