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CE marked
ASTM D445 - ASTM D2532 - ASTM D2983 - ASTM D5133

Viscosity change after standing at low temperature of aircraft turbine lubricants.
Covers the determination of the kinematic viscosity of aircraft turbine lubricants at low temperature and the percent change of viscosity after a 3 and a 72h standing period at low temperature.

Low temperature, low shear rate, viscosity/temperature dependence of lubricating oils using a temperature scanning-technique
This test method covers the measurement of the apparent viscosity of engine oil at low temperatures.

LT/VB-47000/M-SA: Low temperatures viscometer bath

Digital viscometer bath for low temperatures - ASTM D2983 - Stand Alone


Digital viscometer bath for low temperatures - ASTM D445, D2532, D2983
Stand Alone

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Accessories for ASTM D445
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