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OilLab 580 - Noack

OilLab 580: Noack
ASTM D5800
CEC L-40-A-93
DIN 51581
IP 421
NB/SH/T 0059
CE marked

Determination of the evaporation loss of lubricating oils (particularly engine oils).
Procedure A uses the Noack evaporative tester equipment.
Procedure B uses the automated non-Woods metal Noack evaporative apparatus.

Measuring Noack Principle

A quantity of 65 grams of sample is heated to a specific temperature and maintained for 1 hour while it is enclosed in a crucible, the crucible’s cover is shaped to allow a constant vacuum of -2 mbar to remove from the crucible the evaporating portion of the sample.
At the end of the test, the sample is cooled and then reweighted: the difference, reported in percentage, represent the sample’s Evaporation Loss by the Noack Method.
Method A: bath is controlled at 250°C.
Method B: the sample is controlled at 245.2°C.

Measuring Temperature Probe
Measuring Parameters

Electronic regulator for automatic control of differential pressure
Crucible, Crucible Cover and Heating Block
Heating unit
Vacuum Pump

Integrated Touch Screen Panel PC

Software Features
The software includes:
Analysis Menu
Diagnostic Menu
Calibration Menu
Data Utilities


Electrical Supply
Cord cable
Ambient Temperature
OilLab 580: Noack

Spare parts
Calibration Tools
OilLab 580: Noack, accessories
Noack Tester ASTM D5800 Stand Alone includes

OilLab 580: Noack, vacuum pump

Particular attention has been payd to the integrated vacuum pump that is also protected by an inlet filter for residual recovery.

OilLab 580: Noack, crucible holder

Crucible holder made in stainless steel keeps the cup assembly ready to use.

OilLab 580: Noack, protection gloves and hook wrench

Protection gloves and hook wrench, high quality materials for safety operations.

OilLab 580: Noack, pliers

With the pliers the nut of the crucible cover is accurate and easily fixed.

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